In the middle of chaos…

I recently posted about this on Facebook but thought I would sit down and blog about this event and something that happened the following day.

Home had never felt so good as it did that night. We had enjoyed a nice American Thanksgiving afternoon with friends and lots of yummy food!  We felt blessed to be there with friends even though we’re Canadian!  On the way home however we had to pull over a few times due to car issues and one time our car died on the busy hwy.  So stressful because we knew while making our way home that it was inevitable we were not going to make it home. The car was losing power.  To add to the stress of the situation, there was so much traffic! What would happened if the car died in the middle of the road? Thankfully when the car did stop, Dale was able to coast into the nearby shoulder where he then called our mechanic. We sat there for about 40 minutes when Dale thought he’d start the car again…and we had enough power to make it to the nearby Puma gas station.

We had only just pulled in when a sweet friend sent me a text asking me if we made it home ok. (We had some issues getting to Thanksgiving and hadn’t been sure when we were leaving how our car would make it back down the mountain) I had told her “no” And her next question was if we had just pulled into the Puma. She was making a stop at the Farmacia located in the same plaza and thought it was our car parked beside her.

I was feeling a lot of anxiety up til that point and frustrated with the many car issues we’d been having that week that also made me have to cancel a Dr’s appointment at the last minute because I had no way to get to it. When suddenly our friend Laura appeared. It was so calming seeing a familiar face in a stressful situation. It was a reminder that God sees us even in our frustrations. And that he cares! We were so thankful to Laura for staying with us til the mechanic came and that he followed us home. I don’t believe for a second that it was a coincidence that Laura pulled in beside us that night…not in a city of 1.7 million people. It was a God moment for sure!

The next day the our mechanic returned to our home and gave us bad news that the part we needed to have fixed was going to cost about 5000lps. That was a lot of money that we didn’t have—However a blessing to us was that he was able to get the part from a friend for about a quarter of that cost!

In the midst of our stress, anxiety and chaos, He is there!