Home again…

When we left for Canada on June 26 I was ever so thankful to get out of Honduras. There was tension in the country, stress in the home, unrest in my heart. I remember literally counting down the days til we went back. I felt like I was in a dark pit and I couldn’t find my way out of it.  Even though we had recently got our permanent residencies, there was a part of me that thought or maybe even hoped that just maybe God was calling us back to Canada.  I worried about what it would look like when all three of our kids were in Canada and we had to come back here alone.

We were in Canada for almost three months. Such a long time and yet it was exactly what we needed. A time to be away, rest and reflect. We were not there very long when I had a converstion with someone about how I was feeling about the worry I had over my kids and where they were at…and whether or not God wanted us to be back in Canada. She said something that brought things into perspective…and that is “would it change anything if you were to move back to Canada?”  In that moment it was like a light came on and something shifted in my thinking and in my heart. Because the truth of that matter is that absolutely nothing would change. All the things that had consumed my heart with worry and the things I was so anxious about would stay the same regardless of our address. It wouldn’t make a difference if we were in Canada or Honduras. Infact those things could potentially be exhasperated were we to move back not to mention put stress into our relationship.

And then, around the same time, Dale felt the Lord speak to his heart about releasing. It was like He was saying that is was time to let go of the leash we have had our kids on and release them to the Lord and leave them in His hands and trust him to take care of them. “Will you trust ME with your kids?”And we know that God can do that! He loves our kids way more than we do! So this summer was a season of learning to let go and trust God with our kids.  Also the next Sunday we heard a sermon talking about releasing whatever God has put into your hands back to Him. It just confirmed everything that we felt like He was speaking to our hearts about. Release.


Not long after landing in Canada, Elisa got a job at a Tim Hortons very close to Braeside camp where we were living. She was pretty much hired on the spot.  They even gave her the time off to go to a transition camp for other missionary kids coming back to Canada. She made lifelong friends there. There was one time where a group of them had planned a trip to Wonderland one Saturday but sadly they ended up being in a car accident on the 401 and never made it to their planned day of fun. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt but Elisa certainly was shaken for a few days afterwards. It could have been so much worse and we are so thankful for how God protected and watched over each one of those kids.

Dale and I spent a few days in Pennsylvania. He grew up there as a child and we drove by the house he grew up in, the church and the school. As well we went to see the production “Jesus” at the Sight and Sound theatre. So good! Another highlight was visiting Hershey and going on a chocolate tour and then visiting the “Kitchen Kettle.” We brought back some mango salsa and pickles to enjoy. It was the best vacation and one of our favorite trips ever!





There was time to see family and friends..although not nearly enough to see everyone we as much as we wanted. There were a few people I wanted to see more often than we did. Honestly I was disappointed after not hearing back from one long time friend, and  after several attempts to reach out to her I realized after no response I just needed to let it rest and accept that for whatever reason, it wasn’t going to happen.  Infact even our family were only together for maybe four minutes total…enough to get a rushed family photo and that was it.  Sad!




We visited churches as well. Went on a boat ride,  church picnic, four family birthdays..(my moms’, Jake’s ,Elisa’s and my dad’s.)  We visited our kids sister and her new baby Brynlee, were treated to Thai food and a relaxing night at a rustic inn in Stratford, and I was treated to a much needed hair cut and colour. My hair had been so fried from straightening it I had no choice but to go a little shorter….and give my straightener to Elisa!  Also since Elisa’s college was in the Niagara area we spent some time at the falls as well.  It was a jam packed summer!




Also the main reason for going back was to get Elisa settled in her new place…and school.  My heart is at rest knowing that she will be ok. She is attending college and staying in a beautiful home with a wonderful family. She is definitely abundantly blessed! Actually once we had Elisa situated and we saw where she would be living I was at peace and more than ready to go home….feeling like I was in a much better place emotionally and spiritually than when I left. Full Circle.




In closing ..this song is one we heard a lot of this summer and it’s sort of become my theme song …I love the truth of the lyrics!