Crazy busy days!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you are so busy that it just flies by in a blur? It was like that for us this past week. Exhausting but good!

Monday was not even a week ago and yet it seems like eons. We left our house around 7am to pick up Jen, and then on to pick up a  team from the World Race. ( They were incredible!) And then from there we left to get Oscar, our translator. The team came along with us and even did parts of the lesson and acted out parts of the Bible story, and the game.  We are teacing the children the Beatitudes this year. Some of them shared their story with the children and asked them if they wanted Jesus to be their forever friend and many of them answered, “Si!”


Tuesday morning, I went to the ladies bible study. In the afternoon we were busy until almost dinner time getting supplies for the lessons and copies made and what not.

Wednesday was another day of teaching in the schools. We taught a full morning at one school and then in the afternoon we taught Kínder in another. These kids were so good. They seem to love the lesson about Jonah and how God wants us to listen and obey. And they love to color. We gave them a colouring sheet and we were amazed at how well they stayed in the lines at 4 or 5 years old.Incredible.


Thursday morning was an exciting day!  Let me explain….When our last team from Canada was here they began to build a new school for Mary Flakes Kínder. Just the year before they were here and painted the old run down wooden shack that was home to not just one but two kínder classes. This is a before the paint pic. But even with the new paint, the building was not all that secure. They were broken into in the past; despite a fence that the team built around it, and had some things stolen from the classrooms. Difficult to imagine why, when they have so little to begin with. Who steals from children?  The desire was to build them a new school. One that was safe and secure for the children. A building that was not so crowded, but more spacious.


Thursday morning was the dedication of the new building. The director and other Kinder teacher were so excited. It was a very emotionaly charged day. Parents and children lined up as the ribbon was cut and the building dedicated to the glory of God. Kathy blogged about that day and you can read about it here.


Let me just add that it was all very humbling. They sat us at as a staff of Schools of hope in a place of honour at the front of the classroom. Honestly that was a little awkward because I am not one to like being the center of attention. They served us a beautiful cake. A cake that you know they had to do without something to be able to afford it.  They sacrificed to honour us. They appreciated the new building so much. They served us homemade empanadas, and we were told it meant a lot to them that we would eat their food. They were delicious too! I wish I had a photo of them and that amazing cake!

We had no idea they would be doing that. I had bought cookies at PriceSmart and decorated them with smiley faces. Our thought was it would be less messy than buying cake and taking the chance of getting cake crumbs all over the floor of their new school.  And then we would need forks and plates…


Near the end of the dedication, Dale had to slip out and go to one of the schools to hand out Bible bucks to all the children who learned their scripture verse. Then the afternoon was spent teaching 7 more classes at Maria Elana School.

Friday was our weekly staff meeting. Each week we gather for prayer and discussion of our last week and things to come on the calendar.. We are going through the book Draw the well. This week was a special week for Dale because he was given Cadbury cream eggs. His favorite and you cannot buy them here. The rest of us were given Lindor chocolate and, chocolate covered marshmallows. What a better way to end an exhausting work week than with chocolate!

A new normal…..

There are a few things that when we moved here almost 2 years ago that freaked me out. Now, they just seem so normal that I really don´t even think about them anymore. Like for example; guards with guns outside gas stations, banks and other places of business. They used to make me so nervous, but now it is reassuring to see them there. I know when we move back to Canada it will seem strange and not normal not to have the presence of armed guards everywhere we go.

Across from us there is a neighbourhood that has many police stationed outside a home there. It’s a comfort actually seeing them there so faithfully each day. They wave and say  “buenos días” when I walk past and if I don’t have the dog with me they wonder where he is. They are friendly.

And today it didn´t seem too strange that the watchman of that same colonia was polishing his gun this morning….ok; that one did seem a little odd.  I’ve talked to this man many times in the last year or so.  He actually lived in the states for a few years and likes to practice his english . I try to talk to him only in spanish. I remember the day not long ago where the guards there got new uniforms. He was so proud. I remember him showing it off and asking “you like?”

Seeing eggs sitting on the shelf in the grocery store was kind of strange too. I remember the frustration of going to the grocery store and not being able to find  eggs. I was almost in tears. I mean, how hard can it be to find eggs? Who knew they would be on the shelf in the bakery section?  Makes perfect sense now.


Then there are the multiple times I have seen people riding on the back of a truck. A normal every day occurance. Or the trucks with recycling piled so high you would think they would topple over.


It was just yesterday during the ladies Bible study at the Marriott that the military police were called in due to a group of teenagers who were  protesting.  They were upset about an extra hour of school being added to their 5 hour school day. The military pulled up in their truck right outside where we sat and began piling out .  That’s not a daily occurance but it wasn’t scary or anything to be afraid of.  It was just a normal response to protestors, making sure things did not get out of hand.  Again it was more a comfort they were there to control the teens who had become rather aggressive.  One the ladies at the Bible study commented when two of them came into the Marriott to use the bathroom….that in the States people would be freaking out to see them walking through a hotel lobby in their uniform and guns, but here it’s like “Oh they just had to pee…”lol


Something else we see fairly often is random horses on the side of the road…or if you go to a more rural área like Danli…Cattle crossing.


There is one more thing about normal life in Honduras…. When it comes to buses….there is always room for one more.


So there is my list of normal things; atleast what comes to mind. One thing that I have learned is that depending where you live, normal doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning…but I am loving my “normal”.

Is anything impossible?

One thing we were talking about today is how lately is that whether it is at church, home group, staff devotions or the bible lessons we are teaching the children in the schools…is this… It is pretty much the same message being repeated . It’s either a coincidence or a God thing;  something that He wants us to get.  A message he wants us to understand and believe and take root in our hearts. I believe it is the latter. It’s neat how God works that way! Here are just some of my  thoughts I wanted to get out.

In our staff meetings each Friday we are going through the book Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson.  That book is so good. It makes one really think about things. It’s been challenging us to look differently to how we pray and I am going to be including a few quotes from this book.


Have you ever just felt like giving up, and not praying anymore about a certain thing? This is going to sound really unspiritual of me, but there have been times where I have felt that way.  I don’t think I am alone in this.  Haven’t we all fought discouragement from time to time?   There are things I have pretty much given up praying for because they seemed hopeless or impossible or too big for God. Things that maybe I didn’t want to bother him with yet again…or thought to myself well, God knows my heart, what I am thinking and feeling…so why ask if he already knows anyway?  Perhaps it is something that I have prayed for for so long that I feel like a broken record….saying the same thing over and over again.  There is a quote in the book that says ” This size of your prayers depends on the size of your God. If your god is small, you pray man sized prayers. But if your God knows no limits then neither will your prayers.” Pg 82


There is a verse that came to mind today when I was reviewing today’s lesson for the students of escuela Jose Cecilio, and it is this; Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” Did you catch that? Exceedingly abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think! How amazing is that, that he cares for us so much!

See, we have been sharing with the children about the beatitudes.  (Matthew 5.) That God cares about us and will help us and supply our needs. We talked about the widow in 2 Kings who’s husband had died and left her with all his debt. How the creditors came after her, demanding that she pay up or they would take her two sons as slaves. Elisha wanted to help her,and asked her what she had in her house. All she had was a small amount of olive oil. I can only imagine how frantic she must have been. How desperate for a miracle.. a way to save her only sons. Her husband had died leaving her with a lot of debt and all she had left was her sons. Now she was about to lose them as well.


Elisha told her to go around to all her neighbours and ask for their empty jars. So the woman and her sons did as Elisha had said. The sons would bring her jars and she would pour olive oil into the jars. She continued pouring until all the jars were full.. Then when all the jars they had collected were full, she asked her sons for more jars, but there were no more….and then the oil stopped flowing. The widow was then able to sell the oil and not only pay her debtors but also live on what was left.


So God cared for her. What a miracle she experienced that day. .Exceedingly abundantly more than she ever hoped for or imagined !

So I guess in all this, my prayer life has been challenged, not to give up. To keep praying and believing…to be persistant. Not to give up so easilly, and that our prayers don’t have expiration dates.( pg 92)

Nothing is impossible for God. It us who limit him. Maybe our faith is small and we don’t really believe that God will come through. Maybe we say the words but in our heart of hearts we really don’t believe.  Let’s believe for the impossible!

“Keep praying, keep obeying, keep giving, keep loving, keep serving. And if you keep sowing the right seeds. The harvest of blessing will come in God’s time, in God’s way.” Pg 76 Draw the Circle

#WisdomWeekend | 1 Peter 5:7

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Sometimes I think I must be the Queen of worry. I can think of a list a mile long of things to be concerned about. Some of them are; my kids, our safety here in Honduras, family issues back home, whether or not I am maintaining my weight, financial concerns, keeping the house clean, and getting everything done on my to do list….

The fact is though, that worry can make us sick. I am living proof of that. I tend to internalize things, and rather than talk about it, I will let things stew. I think too much about possible outcomes and what ifs……

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