He hears..He answers!

I just want to share something really neat that happened to Dale this past week. It really was an answer to prayer before it was even uttered.

Dale was working at his desk when a call came in for him. As per usual when he talks on the phone, he removed his hearing aid and set it on the desk. When the call was finished he put it back in his ear. There was a problem however. It didn’t work.
He shut it off and on…nothing but silence.

A call was made to one of the hearing aid places in town, and he took it in to them. They thought perhaps moisture had got into them so they put it in a dryer  ( for hearing aids) overnight.

The following afternoon after not hearing from them, he called to see what was up and was informed that the dryer did not work. He scheduled an appointment for later in the day. They told him the problem was not moisture but something was digitally wrong with it.
He was given two options. He could send it in for repair for about $500 or replace his hearing aids for around $2500.00  Neither was a great choice. Dale told him why: that we were leaving for Honduras for missions. The man at the hearing aid place remembered hearing about that and understood his plight…the need to hear but also not being able to afford it at this time.

Then it was like a light came on. Just the previous week a lady came in and brought in brand new hearing aids that had never been worn. They had been her husband’s and he refused to wear them because they frustrated him.  Rather than him not wearing them she thought someone else might make better use of them. The set was identical to the ones Dale had before…just a different colour and there they were…just sitting in a desk drawer.
They were set for volume but not quite loud enough for Dale so the volume was adjusted. When put in the ears there was a lot of feedback and it was discovered that the feedback had never been set in the first place! No wonder the older gentleman had been so annoyed with them!
The problem was no one remembered who had returned them….Dale was blessed with them at no cost..absolutely free!  Remember…these are BRAND NEW hearing aids! Amazing!

God knew Dale would be needing a new hearing aid. He provided a way for him to have it before we even asked . That would have been a huge cost and would have cost a fair amount of stress as it would have been unavoidable. I mean one has to hear, right..? To come up with the money for it though would have been a stretch as it was not budgeted for.

God knows what we have need of and before we even pray..He knows! He knows what is on our heart and He cares..even about hearing aids. He is so faithful!