I am a fairly organized person, I like to make to do lists and check each item as I finish it. I like to plan my menu a week or so in advance. However, sometimes it is pointless and frustrating when I can’t find all the ingredients on my list in one place. That’s how it is in Honduras. Take for example tomato soup. It may be on the shelves one week but then it may disappear for a while. Believe it or not, there have even been times when I’ve gone in for bananas only to be told there are none. Honduras grows enough bananas to supply the entire world and yet there are none on the shelves? I don’t understand that. And I enjoy half and half in my coffee. It’s the one thing I splurge on. Yet I have not found it for what seems like months.

So you see in the case of finding what I need to make the meals I want, it is probably best just to go into the store with low expectations of finding everything that way I am not disappointed. My friend and I were just talking about this the other day. We both love to cook, but sometimes you have to scratch certain recipes from your menu for the reason of not finding the needed ingredients. I have been known to improvise though…

I think when it comes to people, perhaps it is a good idea to lower expectations of others. We all are human. People let us down. They disappoint us. We in turn disappoint and let others down. But when it comes to God, we surely can have high expectations of him.


Heb 10:23
Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope that we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

The definition of Expectation is this:
A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

I’ve been thinking a lot about expectations lately. God has been speaking a place deep in my heart that I need to raise my expectations. It’s an area of my heart where I often been discouraged and yes even a bit disappointed with God if I were to be completely honest.

You see, I am ill. A lot. These mysterious days come like clockwork every two to three weeks and linger for one to three days. It’s like the flu but not the flu. They are debilitating and when they come I am in bed for the duration. I am weary of them, but because it’s been my reality for the last nine years, I have come to expect them. And sadly I have missed out on a lot of life because of them. But what if, I were to raise my expectations? Instead of expecting to be sick for an event, what if I were to expect to be well that day. What if I were to read and say aloud scriptures on healing? Or believe that, by faith, I am already healed. I mean I have experienced divine healing before. Many of you have heard that story back when  I was a child and had that childlike faith.

I have been writing out scriptures about healing for a few weeks now. And while I have had sick days…..they have not been lasting as long! I am believing by faith that one day they will be a thing of the past.


I think of the woman in the bible with the issue of blood. (Luke 6) Just by touching Jesus garment she expected to be healed and she was!

  • hem-garment

I think of a crippled man in the book of Acts. Acts 3:16 Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed—and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus name has healed him before your very eyes.


So why is it we expect bad things to happen or things to not turn out?  Or maybe we try to do things on our own and in our own strength, expecting to fail, instead of relying on the Holy Spirit to help us.  Friends….we can TRUST him with our lives, wholly one hundred percent.

Anyway, that is just what the Lord has been speaking to me about the past few weeks.  But perhaps there are areas in your life where God is concerned that you need to raise your expectations.


Ephesians 3:20
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work in us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.


When the heart cries..


Just the other day I saw him.  Gregory.  ( Names in this blog post have been changed). His smile lit up his face as he waved to us from his yard. He knows us and always greets us when we see him at his church or on the street. Such a nice kid.  He had been working out with his home made dumbells. Fashioned from empty large tin cans that he had filled with cement and balanced between two poles. Genious, really. His creativity astounded me. I would never have thought of that! Fourteen years old.  I was reminded of his story the other day and it crushed me.

You see, when he was only a young boy of seven years old, his father abandoned him. Left and never looked back. Gregory  tried attending school that year, but he was so hurt, so broken, he just couldn’t continue. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of that kind of rejection,  that kind of  wound so deep to a soul so young, wondering why his father left. Wondering if his dad was ever coming home and all the while missing him.  Did he think he was to blame? Did he wonder if only he had done something different his dad wouldn’t have left?

Gregory can now be found on the streets in the city selling tamales. At times he is there at 5 in the morning providing for his family because his mom is not well.  I am not sure what school he attends but his able to go to school on the weekends to continue his education. I am proud of the young man he is today, despite the hand that has been dealt him.

Then there is little Marjory,  a precious little girl in fourth grade.  Each time we come to her school for the Bible classes I look for her.  I adore that little girl.  I honestly can say I love all those kids but there are some that just have found a special place in my heart.   Recently Marjory’s dad passed away very suddenly and without warning.  There are many  dads who are murdered.  It’s fairly common in that area. Yet that was not the case with Marjory’s dad.  It was a car accident and instantly his life was snuffed out, just like that, without any warning. My heart is broken for that little girl and her family.  I didn’t see her the other day when we were at her school.  I so wanted to give her a hug, tell her I was so sorry to hear about her papa. I don’t know what else I could have said. There are no words, really. How do you comfort  an eight year old girl whose daddy is never coming home again? Her family needs him.  We can grieve and weep with them. We can pray with them, but then what? I want to cry out that it isn’t fair.  I know God cares and I believe heaven weeps over such heartache. I know God is able to comfort the broken,  but I don’t know why these things have to happen. It’s one of the great mysteries in life I guess.  Perhaps sometimes in life there are things we are not meant to know until the day when our own journey on this earth is done…

Finally there is Jack.   He had Leukemia.  It was a recurring thing. He would be in remission and then it would come back. I remember the time he told Dale that he could not understand why kids would stay home from school when they had a cold, and yet he continued going to school even when he was in treatment because getting an education was important. I remember when we used to hand out Bible bucks that the kids could redeem for various items. He had more than anyone in the entire school and he chose to spend his Bible bucks on a Bible for himself, and then he bought gifts for others. He bought a sweet straw Tinkerbell purse for the director of his school,  who was genuinely moved to tears by his tender guesture, and a Mario Cart figure for one of his teachers…(well that was actually something they were going to share.) He was a kind and gentle soul, a teddy bear of a kid with a big smile and a huge heart. He always greeted us with the biggest smile and a hug when we would see him at his school.  I remember how hard we fought to go visit him at the hospital when we learned he was back in there. Finally we ended up getting in with the help of a lawyer because the guards at the gate of the hospital would not budge. They would not allow us to enter . We only wanted to come see him, encourage him and pray for him. I remember how his face lit up when he saw us. I remember how badly he wanted out of that hospital room so he could go to school.  Jack had been a sponsored child. When his sponsor died, the family continued on with the sponsorship. But do you know what Jack did when he learned his sponsor had passed? He sent a letter to the family offering his condolences and told them he was praying for them.  That’s the kind of boy he was.

A couple weeks ago I was sent a recent photo of Jack…now in seventh grade. The cancer was back.  When I saw the photo of him looking so very, very sick, I felt like I got punched in the gut;  overwhelmed with sadness. My heart cried “no!” The last time we saw him was his grade six grad. We were so proud of him, graduating  when he had been so ill during that year.  I remember the standing ovation he received from his peers and teachers. And yet, here we are, not even a year after graduating and Jack…our beloved young friend is gone. He’s with the Lord, and not suffering anymore, but oh how our hearts ache. He was so young, had so much to live for. He truly loved life. He lived his life well. He had dreams.  I don’t know why he had to die.  I don’t know why he wasn’t healed or why he had to suffer so much in his young life.  I know he loved Jesus and I know one day I will see him again.  He is in a better place, not suffering, healed and  whole.  And something that struck me the other day is that Jack got to meet his sponsor.  Not many kids or their sponsors ever get that opportunity.  I am sure he ran up to him, hugged him and said “thank you for sponsoring me!”  It reminds me of that old Ray Boltz song that says..”thank you for giving to the Lord…I am the life that was changed.”

Jack is greatly missed and was loved by all who knew him. An inspiration.  A real life hero. He will never, ever be forgotten.

Deut 29:29 The Lord our God has secrets known to no one.

Psalm 56:8 You keep track of my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.


Greater than gold…

When Dale’s mom passed away one year ago, Dale asked that instead of flowers, money be donated towards Bibles for our grade five students who have all been taking the foundational course, Seedlings.   We wanted a Bible for each graduate of Seedlings,  just like what we did last year. We knew his mom would have loved that and it would have made her heart happy.   Except this year there are many more students taking the course.  We are happy to report that more than 800 of our grade five students have received a Bible within the last couple weeks as we finish up our Bible classes for this school year. Exams begin next week and then school will soon be done til Feb. I can’t believe this school year has come to a close!

Like last year the reaction of the children upon receiving their very own Bibles blew us away. There were cheers and tears. Clapping and smiles all around. Some of the children actually hugged and kissed their Bibles. Everyone seemed excited! Again I was reminded of when I was in public school and the Gideons handed out little new Testaments. I can’t say I was too thrilled. It’s so different here and it is refreshing. I pray that they read it and apply it to their lives.

There was one teacher that told the children in his class that the Bibles that they had been given  was a treasure greater than gold.


In addition to the children receiving Bibles, the teachers did as well. This was made possible because of a generous donation from a sweet lady who visited on a team and saw a need for it. It touched her heart that last year teachers were asking for Bibles but there were none extra to spare. Most of the teachers did not open their gifts infront of the class. That seems to be a cultural thing, where gifts are opened in private. Some of them did however when their class chanted “Que lo abre! Que lo abre!” However the teachers did know what it was, and were so appreciative and happy to receive.


I do have a testimony I want to share of a teacher receiving a Bible at just the right time. It shows God’s provision.  I asked her if it would be ok for me to share her story and she told me it would be an honor.

When we gave Profesora Emma her gift wrapped Bible, she asked Rossy…”Is this a Bible?” And rather than sitting it on her desk and waiting to open it at home, she quickly unwrapped it.  She then told us that she had lost her Bible,  and had been using her husband’s. Her husband had been telling her she should just go out and buy another Bible. But she was believing for a new one and had said by faith she was going to receive a new Bible.  So she was pretty happy to receive one that day!


Psam 119:72, 73

The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold. Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands.

A thankful heart


288190-There-Is-Always-Always-Something-To-Be-Thankful-ForIn my last blog post I briefly mentioned a friend in the final stages of cancer. Sadly, I learned that she passed away Saturday afternoon.  Her name was Diana, and my family prayed for her regularly around our dinner table during our family devotions.  For almost a year we prayed .  I’m heartbroken.  Yet, even though my heart is heavy and once in a while the tears start and it’s hard to stop them, today is Thanksgiving and it’s a time to be thankful.  One thing I have learned over the years is even though there is a lot of sadness in this world and we may be experiencing a loss of some sort, or grieving and missing family and the fall colours, and maybe we can’t find all the ingredients we want for a certain recipe, and maybe not all our family will be around our dinner table. Regardless of our circumstances or what we may be facing, there is always,  always something to be thankful for.
The Bible tells us to give thanks in everything. I don’t think for one minute that this means to be happy about it when bad things happen,  but rather to be joyful in the midst of it. Joy comes from within….where as happiness is more external. Anyway…just some thoughts this Thanksgiving day..  All of us have something to be thankful for. What are you thankful for today?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ.

What in the world?

The last few days I have been feeling the need to write but really not knowing where to begin. I feel like my thoughts are disjointed and not really making any sense. I’ve been full of emotion, trying to make some sense of the thoughts, heavy on my heart. So you all might have to just bear with me while I try to sort it all out. Sometimes writing is the only thing that helps! As I write this post a friend of mine struggles with cancer. How I have prayed for her. My entire family has on a regular basis. Yet, she is now in the final stages. She doesn’t have much time left on this earth. And it isn’t fair. I don’t understand why people have to get cancer. I don’t understand why some people are healed from it and others lives are snuffed out far too soon.

Why? I think it is a question a lot of us are asking this week. Why did some guy open fire on a mass crowd of people in Las Vegas, killing 58 people, including himself? Innocent souls who only wanted to enjoy a fun night of music. People, in the wrong place at the wrong time. People with names and faces and family and friends who loved them desperately. They died suddenly and without any warning that their lives were in danger. It’s a catastrophe that I think all of us have struggled to wrap our mind around. And we all want to know why?

We live in a broken world. It can be hard when we watch the news and we see all the events happening all around us, not to become discouraged and overwhelmed by it all. Maybe we feel fear. Maybe we fear what our future might look like. What in the world is going on? Why? Why are there so many hurricanes…one right after another? Why are there earthquakes? Why is there so much tragedy in this world? Why do kids get cancer? When will there be an end to all the hate and violence? When will things stop? When will people just learn to love and get long?

I know the answer to all these questions goes back to the beginning of time. It goes back to the days of Adam when he fell from grace, and sin first entered our world. God gives man a free will. And I know the Bible tells us that these things will happen and things are not going to get better any time soon.

Matthew 24: 7,8

Nation will go to war against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. But all this is only the first of birth pains with more to come.

John 16:33

I have told you this so that trusting in me you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world, you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I have conquered the world.

I also know that all these tragedies can cause us to take our eyes off of Him as we look at everything happening and falling apart around us. Some people even blame Him for not doing something…for not stopping it. They say things like if God really was a loving God or if He really cared….or if there was a God. Which honestly strikes me as a little funny, when so many people hate God and go through life without giving him any thought until something bad happens. Then, when it does, he gets the blame for it. It feels like society as a whole wants nothing to do with him but yet still expect him to come to the rescue. I am not trying to be all judgemental either. But I have to wonder how many things have been averted and not come to fruition. I mean we will never know will we? Just how many times God did step in and crisis was averted.

The Bible tells us that the secret things belong to God. Deuteronomy 29:29 a The Lord our God has secrets known to no one.

And then in 1 Corinthians 13:12

Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

I do know though that God does care deeply by what is going on around us. He is grieved by what grieves us. He is grieved by this lost and broken world. When we are hurting or when disaster strikes he is near…walking beside us, going through our journey with us. He is our hope. The anchor for our soul.

Psalm 56:8 you keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. Each one of them is recorded in your book.

Psalm 30:11 You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to your name and not be silent.

Psalm 34:17 The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

Lamentations 3 :31, 32
For no one is abandoned by the Lord forever. Though he brings grief he also shows compassion because of the greatness of his unfailing love.

Purified water..

Water.   You turn on a tap and don’t even think about it. Water will flow from the faucet.  But what if that was not the case? Can you imagine not having access to water whenever you needed it? Water to wash your dishes, your clothing, your hands. Water for a shower.  It is just something we take for granted.  A blessing.  Dale and I live in the city and have water at the turn of a tap….not purified mind you…we can’t drink it, but I don’t need to worry about not having enough water for the things I need it for.   For the people living in Buena Vista, they have never had running water. They settled there after hurricane Mitch back in 1998. Many of them lost everything and the govenment told them they could re build on the mountain outside of the city.  And so they did. They built houses, schools churches, pulperias, barbers.  Yet 19 years later they still have no running water. Water is bought from the water trucks that come up the mountain a couple times a week.  But it isn’t purified.


So, after the sad disappointment of the well project falling through, Schools of Hope wanted to come up with another solution. They have now partnered with another ministry in Honduras, called (El Audante) to bring bio sand filters to the community, so that the families in this area will have a way to purify their water that they purchase from the water truck or from rain collected in their pilas.   We held a “town meeting” in the hall yesterday and there was a lot of interest.  If they had one instaled, they would no longer  to purchase purified water in the bags or bottles for drinking and cooking.  It would save them a lot of money in the long run. This project will be not be free to them because we want to them to own it and to feel like it is theirs.  So, there is a small fee of about ten dollars per family, which for some will be a sacrifice and many will have to set aside a small amount each week to save for it.  The feeling is, if you are paying for it, you will take care of it, because there is pride in ownership. The filters actually cost significantly more. Mike Evans will be overseeing this project over the next year while he and his family are here with us.


The hard thing for Kathy was explaining how long of a process it would be.  We are only able to install 9 over the couple months or so, with plans to install 300 over the next couple years.

It is an exciting time for us at Schools of Hope!


An unusal day….

Monday was a bizarre day.  Certain things happened that were out of our control, that made for a not so typical day. First of all traffic was worse than normal, even for a Monday. We were headed up to teach at one of the schools and were quite late picking up Dannyel our translator because of the traffic being so congested. When we picked him up we were so late, he asked us “what happened?”

Then we got to the road that the school is on and discover it was closed. Turns out they are paving the road. Anyone who has come on a team and has traveled to the schools know that this is a very good thing! The roads in that area are so rough and bumpy and full of pot holes and very hard on a vehicle . It causes a lot of wear and tear that wouldn’t happened just driving around the city.  This meant we had to get to the school from another direction.

Of course, due to the road being closed and being re routed, we arrived later than we planned. The entire school was outside on the covered pavement having civica. They were middle of singing the national anthem. They sung ALL the verses, which takes about fifteen minutes. It’s a very long song! Then they did some other activities. Eventually while we were waiting for them to finish so we could teach, we were informed that due to part of the road being closed, they would be dismissing school at 10:30. That gave us roughly an hour to teach five classes. All of them except for the fifth graders. (The grade 5’s are taught the Semitas course by Rosie and Iris.)

Usually we teach class to class, but now our only option if we wanted to get them all in was to do one general session. That is always a challenge with so many children. More so that day however because they had already been standing for a very long time and were antsy. So the teachers had them sit. However, although the pavement is covered, we have had a ton of rain lately with blowing winds, so the ground was wet in places. Some of the kids kind of squatted to avoid getting wet bottoms and others found a place that was dry around the outside edges.  There was a of talking going on while we were trying to teach the story of Joseph, and it seemed  most of them didn’t listen. Yet, I know when we return the next time they will know the answers to the review questions.  That’s always how it goes

After the morning session, we had two and a half hours before we had to return for afternoon classes.  We sure didn’t want to sit around and do nothing for that length of time. So we headed over to the near by Mall Premier for a while. It’s a very nice mall and one of the newer ones in the city.  The stores have good prices. I’ve only been there a handful of times. Unlike the other malls, I have never seen any other gringos there.  The mall itself is safe as there is a ton of security everywhere.  It is just located across from a not so great neighbourhood called Villa Cristina.  I have been told regarding that particular neighborhood that if you don’t have business in that area, that you don’t set foot in it. You will get stopped by the gangs as to why you are in their territory.  It’s dangerous. But they have schools in that neighbourhood with lots of kids. And it ran through my mind that those kids need Jesus too. Also when I asked one of my co-workers about it, she said it was really not any more dangerous than the areas that we are already in, and we are fully aware of the gang presence there, and fully aware it is dangerous territory.  We’ve never had any issues. So, who knows…perhaps one day the Lord will open the doors for us to be in schools in that neighbourhood too.  And if he does He will go with us. Because he isn’t going to call us somewhere and abandon us or make us go on our own.


Afterwards we headed back to the school to teach our afternoon classes, while Rosie and Iris taught the grade five’s Semitas. We were a bit baffled as to why they would allow the kids to go home so early in the morning and then still have classes in the afternoon.  It didn’t make sense to us. They explained it was because of the construction but all that was still going on when we returned after our mall excursion and will be for weeks to come I am sure.

After we were finished with the afternoon classes we began to make our way back down the mountain to the city.  We saw something very unusual on the street and something I have never seen here before.  I so wished I had my camera ready. You know how you see dogs after they have had surgery with one of those cones of shame? Well we saw a large dog, a Rottweiler with a clothes hanger around his neck!  It looked so funny, but I have to wonder, what in the world?? And just how exactly did he manage to get it stuck there? He looked so silly!  I was tempted to get out of the car and help the poor dog out. But that probably would not have been a good idea to be messing with a street dog!

So that was our unusual Monday.  I guess we should always be prepared to expect the unexpected. Things don’t always go as planned.


The blessing of friendship..

If there is one thing I am thankful for while living in Honduras, it is the friendships that my children have with their peers.  It makes my heart happy.  You see, Honduras is not like Canada in that they have the freedom just to walk or take a bus to the mall or a friend’s house to hang out. It simply would not be safe to do so, especially being white and young . After a while that can grate on your nerves and it can sort of feel like you are in prison. Bars on the windows, serpentine wire on the walls and you can’t go anywhere. You have to stay in the house where you are safe.  It’s not the kind of place where people are in the area and just stop by for no reason, to chat or stop by for coffee.  Honestly that is one thing that Dale and I miss. Unless we are expecting someone, we generally don’t answer if someone is banging on our gate outside.


Yet, my kids are a part of an amazing youth group. There are quite a few of them and they are a close knit, tight group. They get together often.  They encourage one another. Pray for one another. They are friends. They love one another and they love the Lord. One time we had about twenty of them over to our house for pizza and games, (supervised) while the parents went out to a new pizza restaurant. It was a great night for the youth and the parents who also got to enjoy friendship and camaraderie. It was needed, and for sure we will do it again sometime.

The other day Dale and I went with another family and about ten of the youth on a hike. We’ve had a ton of rain lately and the trail up the mountain and around the water was treacherous.  A few of the guys had to find a way for everyone to cross the river, because it wasn’t possible to continue. So the guys moved a tree limb and placed it so that we had a bridge from one end to other. God knew we would need that limb because it just happened to be there and was just the right size . It took team work!  My son Ben helped everyone cross the log to get to the other side.  The hike ended at a gushing waterfall.  It. Was. Amazing. And, I’m proud to say that although Dale and I are “old”, we kept up with the youth.

Our family is also part of a fellowship group with three other families that meet each Thursday night. This group is not just for adults like most home groups….it’s for the youth too. They have a voice and it is great to see them opening up and sharing their thoughts and hearing their hearts.

Ben and Elisa have wonderful friends here and that makes me happy. Being so far from”home” I never would have imagined that they would have the closeness with their peers that they do here. It is a huge blessing from the Lord. I’m thankful they have a support system and people their age they can rely on, talk to, pray with and be themselves.

Heb 10:24

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.





Day of the child….

I love that I live in a country that sees children as important and to be celebrated. Honduras sets a side a holiday just for children. Today, September 10th, is Day of the Child. All week long many of the schools we are in have been celebrating. So, really it isn’t just a day for children but an entire week or two. Many of the schools we are have had atleast one day of celebrating the Day of the Child with class parties and what not.  There is always cake and piñatas, and often the children are gifted with things. One school this week, a class each recieved a t shirt, another class were given stuffed animals and another class were given happy face cups full of candies.  I think the school must save up all year for Day of the child. It’s bigger than Christmas in my opinion. Actually the celebrating continues into next week where there is really only one day available for us to teach Bible classes because either school is cancelled or they are busy partying.

Schools of hope was asked to come with a program and cakes and juice for two schools, for a total of four programs and about 500 in each school. Now, to be completely honest, I actually dread this kind of thing.  I know, I know….it sounds like a terrible thing to say. But the reason is that it is very chaotic and stressful.  We have fair like games set up where the kids line up and are suppose to wait for their turn to play.  There is so much excitement and energy. Often ,but not always there is no order, even though we try. I clearly remember last year being in tears because the kids at my booth were pushing and shoving and not listening to instructions. I remember asking the teaching in that particular room for help and I remember how he walked away. It wasn’t that he misunderstood me, because I said it correctly.  This year, I wanted to go…I did, even though I think Dale thought I didn’t . My only request was  that I not be on a game alone because in high stress situations, I don’t function so well.  Anyway, I ended up helping in the cake room, folding napkins and wrapping little pieces of cake for each child. I enjoy that kind of thing . It’s quiet and it’s not so stressful and yet still a way to serve and fulfill a need, even if it’s kind of behind the scenes.



Today there is a big parade that is literally hours long. I opted not to go this year.  All of the public schools in the district we work in will have a part in it. In the years past when we have gone, the kids recognize us and come running out of their formation to give us hugs. There will be drums and xylophones and lots of noise and excitement in the air. The costumes are incredibly beautiful. I can’t imagine the sacrifice it must be for the families  just so their children can have a costume made to be a part of the parade.  It isn’t like they use them from one year to the next. No. They are new and different each year.  And I imagine they would be expensive.


Like I said earlier, I love that Honduras values its children. I think Jesus felt the same way. Children were special and valuable to him.

Mark 9:36, 37

Then he put a little child among them. Taking the child in his arem, he said the them, “Anyone, who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf, weclomes me, and anyone who wecomes me, welcomes not only em but also my Father in Heaven.

Mark 10:13-16

One day some parents brought their children to Jesus, so he could touch and bless them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him. When Jesus saw what was happening, he was angry with his disciples. He said to them, ” Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For Kingdom of GOd belongs to those who are like these children. I tell you the truth, that anyoe who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it. Then he took the children in his arms and placed his hands on his head and blessed them.

Welcome Evans family!

For many months now we have been anticipating the move of the Evans family to Tegucigalpa.  And finally about three weeks ago, the family of 5 arrived! We are so excited to have them join our team!

IMG_20170826_095532_383 (1)

It’s been a busy time for them working on their residency, buying a car, getting their three young children registered for school, finding a home and purchasing things for the home.  They found a lovely condo style place with an AMAZING view in a safe, gated community where there are actually a number of other “gringos” and missonaries. It brought back a lot of memories when we first moved here four years ago. One thing that shocked me was when Trisha told me it only took them about an hour to set up a bank account. It took us two hours and I remember at that time being told that was a lot faster than a few years ago when it took two days to set up a bank account.  I remember everything taking forever to set up and I remember that driving me crazy!  It doesn’t much phase me now. Either because I am used to things moving along at a snails pace or we just don’t have things to set up anymore.  At any rate,  things are moving along well for them and they have got a lot done in the short amount of time they have been here. The kids have already begun school and seem to be enjoying it;  especially Ali who is in Pre K and they were the most concerned about. She LOVES school!

So, what will Mike and Trish be doing while they are here with us?  Well, Mike is our project manager and will oversee any upcoming projects that come up. Currently he will be helping move the water project forward. We are so excited about this project even though at the moment not a lot has been shared about it. Trisha will be working in the office as the financial administrator. We have long needed someone to help in this position since the area of numbers is really not a strong point for Dale, Kathy or myself.

Please keep the Evans in your prayers as they transition. They seem to be adjusting super well, but as with any transtion there are always ups and downs and days that are harder than others. We are so blessed to have them as part of our team!